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Autism/Learning Disability Interview Aquatics Program Fall 2023


Aquatics Program- Special Needs Interview Fall 2023

The ASD children will be participating in a 30-minute swim program at TBAM. The program will focus on teaching the children important survival skills in the water, while also catering to their comfort level. The children will not be required to submerge underwater if they are scared, and instructors will work closely with each child to ensure they feel safe and confident in the pool. This program is designed specifically for children on the autism spectrum who are five years and older, and we look forward to seeing them
develop their skills and confidence in the water. We understand that many children with autism have sensory issues (SID) anxious about the water. Through our program, our goal is to help your child develop a lifelong love for swimming while teaching them important skills for water safety.

 Classes are Monday-Friday, new swimmers must schedule an interview ahead of time.
$40 one time fee
Contact Claudia at

Contact Claudia at to schedule an interview. 
Must setup appointment ahead of time. $40 one time fee.
Classes are Monday-Friday
This is a one time fee. Once your child has passed the interview you will be able to register for their lessons. 
Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784